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React Native SideMenu App

Contributor : Clemich38

Source ID : 00000277

Smart Phone Applications Template

JavaScript CSS NodeJS React Native JSX ReactJS

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Recommended to make Side Menu Navigation for Smart Phone with React Native JS.

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React Native SideMenu application template.
Allows you to build nice looking React Native application in 10 minutes.
You can add/remove pages and link them to the side menu very easily!

Design Description

Application build with React Native, using the Android native 'DrawerLayoutAndroid' for the side menu.

How to Use

To build and run the application on your Android device or on a Android Virtual Device (AVD), please follow these steps:
• Download SideMenu project template
• Unzip the project directory
• After downloading, “cd” to the project directory and run “npm install”
• Launch the AVD or plug an Android device to your computer (with USB debugging option enabled) • Run “react-native run-android” to build and launch the app

For more explanation, please refer to the user documentation Pdf file.


Only working on Android as it uses Android Natives components like the 'DrawerLayoutAndroid'.

Compatible Browsers

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Upload Time

03/22/2017 15:03


React Native Framework 0.42.3

Recommended Environment

React Native CLI

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