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React Native SideMenu application template.
Allows you to build nice looking React Native application in 10 minutes.
You can add/remove pages and link them to the side menu very easily!

How to Use

To build and run the application on your Android device or on a Android Virtual Device (AVD), please follow these steps:
• Download SideMenu project template
• Unzip the project directory
• After downloading, “cd” to the project directory and run “npm install”
• Launch the AVD or plug an Android device to your computer (with USB debugging option enabled) • Run “react-native run-android” to build and launch the app

For more explanation, please refer to the user documentation Pdf file.

Recommended to make Side Menu Navigation for Smart Phone with React Native JS.

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| 04/27/2018 , 19:02 | Price : 3$

I think the controls are a little wonky, but once I modified them I found that I really like this one. But really solid sw!

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