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This is a customisable keyboard component/plugin for Ionic 2 Framework applications. It takes a string array as input that will define the keys of the keyboard, so you can choose to build a keyboard with anything you want! It can be an hexadecimal values, numerical values, or any predefined strings...

How to Use

Simply copy the component files in your Ionic project, and use it in you html file.
There is also a demo application included, to help you integrate the component in your project.
For more details, please refer to the UserGuide.pdf

Recommended to add an easy customisable keyboard in your Ionic 2 app.

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Query: were can i download Ionic Custom Keyboard

Response: To download the Ionic Customisable Keyboard, please add it to your cart, proceed the purchase and then you will get a link to download it by mail. Thanks.



| 06/04/2018 , 10:55 | Price : 8$

Works great on my android. Keep up the good work.Thank you so much.

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