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Tree View Folder Development

Contributor : xjamestw

Source ID : 00000246

Web System

JavaScript HTML CSS C# JQuery

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With this source code, you can learn how to:
1.Create a tree view structure with no level limit for web pages.
2.Collaborate JavaScript and ASP.NET to create Ajax mechanism.
3.Generate tree view which node data from Database.
4.Completed functions implemented(Create/Edit/Delete).
This source package provides full code project and demo database, you can execute it after download.

Design Description

1.Tree View structure build with recursive functions.
2.Web client code use jQuery Ajax.
3.C# client retrieve data from SQL Server.
4.Server side return JSON format to client.

How to Use

After download:
1.Restore the demo database to SQL Server.
2.IIS create a web application for source code.
3.Execute and check the behavior.
4.Use Visual Studio open the web site and look into the source code.
(.Net Framework 4.0 or higher)


Compatible Browsers

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Upload Time

01/15/2017 00:27



Recommended Environment

Visual Studio 2015,IIS,.NET Framework 4.0 or higher

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