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Ionic 2 Customisable Template

Contributor : Clemich38

Source ID : 00000243

Smart Phone Applications

JavaScript HTML CSS AngularJS TypeScript HTML5 Iconic AngularTS NodeJS

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Fixed Price $ 4.13
Recommended to create a nice looking Ionic application in 10min.

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This is an Ionic application template, working on both IOS and Android.
It is very easily customisable via built-in color themes.
With this template, start building a beautiful looking hybrid mobile application in a few seconds!

Design Description

Build with Ionic Framework, Node.js, Angular2.js, Typescript

How to Use

- Install the Ionic Framework environment (requires Node.js).
- Go in the template application folder with your terminal and run "npm install" to install the needed dependencies.
- Then run “ionic serve” from the terminal, to build your application and run it in your local web browser.
For more details please refer to the UserGuide pdf file.


Compatible Browsers

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Upload Time

01/12/2017 17:25


Ionic Framework Version: 2.0.0-rc.4

Recommended Environment

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