There is no registration fee, annual fee, monthly fee, billing, etc.
Users only have to pay the purchase price of the source code/Item. Tax is included in the price.
Feel free to modify the source code after purchase. It is possible to modify the source code you bought on piece, and upload on Piece to sell the modified version.
However, without modification resale is prohibited, inside and outside Piece. Please check terms and conditions on the license page for more information.
Yes, it is possible for anyone to freely use Piece. ( However, minors are excluded. )
Sale price is in a constant state of change due to user reviews, popularity and freshness.
Purchase price is fixed and determined, when you put in the cart.
It depends on the code popularity, users contributions and bids.
Percentage (rate) is private, but you can check on “my page” for the amount of remuneration.
Please notify it with the "report" button in the purchase history.
We don’t process any refund, except for obvious quality defects.
Payment can be done by PayPal. If you do not have PayPal account you can use your credit / debit card as well. Supported credit cards are Master, VISA, American Express, Discover.
We are planning to continue to expand the card handling companies and the methods of payment in the future.
In the case of payment with PayPal account, the receipt is issued by PayPal directly and you will receive notification from PayPal.
n the case of payment with credit card, the usage statement issued by the card company will be the receipt.
Please consult us when it is necessary separately.